LYRICS: Fabolous ft. Jeremih & Davido – Choosy

I don’t need nobody else now
Won’t even check for the option
Know that I’m not out here choosy
Know I ain’t letting no ops in
Ain’t no adoption you know I’m yours don’t you give up on the kid
Look, this wasn’t planned but you still my baby you should pull up to the crib
I got so much I can give yeah
Still tryna give you no choice yeah
I don’t know nothing bout crying but how bout some love in a vintage Rolls Royce
Hold up, if you curve me mind yo business
Just notice how fine your friend is (nah)
I hate that choosy ass shit (I do)
Yeah he tried to talk to me ass shit (forreal)
Just want to do me that’s it
They gassin up rumors and shit (Skr)
Well that got to catch me in traffic I’ll be your number one draft pick just got to
Choose me

Choosy Choosy Choosy Choosy…. Choosy
But I don’t want to choose
Choosy Choosy Choosy Choosy…. Choosy
But I don’t want to choose

Choose you
You eats me deep down in my heart I select you
Number one nobody fi test you
Girl you’re wanted I cannot lie
Girl you’re deserving I can’t deny
Nobody yet nobody is good enough
Nobody yet Nobody is good enough
Hold you down
Hold you down
Believe it, I’m a hold you down
And if i tell you say I love you or
Girl im with you
I’m with you
Girl im with you
I’m with you

{Fabolous- Outro}
Oh we got them Choosy Choosy now
They Choosy all over the world
Right here in the states to mother Africa, to Australia, South America, Asia, all over Europe
All the carribean islands, the Middle East, Russia, Canada, Worldwide.
Loso, Davido, Jeremih had to let em all know
We got em Choosy Choosy
We got em Choosy Choosy


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