Ramadan’s Fasting.

ramadan is the HOLY ninth
month of the Islamic lunar calendar during which Muslim fast between the break of dawn and until sunset
During this fasting period
in accordance to spiritual
purification the Muslim refrain
drinking,sexual relations.
A Muslim is one who follows the teaching of  prophet Mohammed was the founder of Islam as used by Allah to found the region however both Islam and Chirstain claim to be descendants of father Abraham..
Even the WORDS OF GOD ALIMGHTY confirmed it when he said the “He will Abraham father of many nation…
In a collective words of both Chirstain,muslim and other religious body….”We are descendants of Abraham “
That is to say “we are all Abraham’s child by faith.
 The fasting is climax by
Whenever the fasting comes to an end the moon is expected to be seen the next day as maybe a sign to show  prove or the indeed Allah has been with the faithful throughout the fasting
And he(Allah) has answered the prayers or supplication  made to him .
What is more than a celebration of men of goodwill to join in hands in the celebration with them
In regard this year celebration across the globe and Nigeria
“Saturday 23-05-2020  will be the last day of the sacred holy month of Ramadan and Eid-el-Fitr will take place on Sunday,” the royal court and the supreme court said, quoted by the official Saudi Press Agency.
Religious authorities in Jerusalem, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, and Lebanon also said that Eid would begin on Sunday.
The punch newspaper of Nigeria put their report in regards the celebration as
“The PUNCH reports that the Muslim holiday of Eid-el-Fitr marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan”
The celebration is called


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